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Yes, a cookbook, only slightly different, because this one is in the form of a tale where typical Polish recipes are interwoven with a briefly outlined history of Polish culinary customs.
In this book we have not collected any particulary elaborate, ingenous or rare recipes. What we have chosen are recipes for dishes that appear on the Polish table very often, while not forgetting about cooking for feast days to which we have devoted two chapters–on Christmas and Easter.
We would like our recipes, chosen by us and entwined into a tale of Polish customs, to encourage readers to try them out often, thus continuing Polish culinary traditions.
—from the Introduction by the Authors


  • pages: 303
  • author: Maria Lemnis & Henryk Vitry
  • published: 1996
  • black & white
  • softcover
  • measures: 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall
  • language: English

Polish Book, Old Polish Traditions


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