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A Delightful Compilation of Traditional Polish Fare in a Easy-to-Use Menu Format. Now updated with a chapter on Light Polish Fare!
First published in 1983, this classic resource for Polish cuisine has been a favorite with home chefs for many years. This new edition includes a section with lightened Polish recipes, which offer hearty, authentic Polish dishes with significantly less fat and calories!
In an easy-to-use menu format, the author arranges complementary and harmonious foods together–all organized in seasonal cycles. Spring menus include “Braised Spring Lamb with Cabbage,” “Baby Carrots Polonaise,” and Wild Strawberries with Sour Cream.” “Cool and light Summer menus make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables: “Frosty Artichoke Salad,” “Fresh Peas with Dill Butter,” and “Chilled Blueberry Soup.” Autumn recipes include “Polish Sausages simmered in Wine,” “Apple Raisin Cake,” and “Hunter’s Stew.” The winter chapter highlights plentiful offerings such as “Roast Duck served with Red Cabbage,” “Smoked Salmon Omelets” and “Christmas Eve Bread.”

  • pages: 248
  • author: Karen West
  • published: 2000
  • black & white
  • softcover
  • measures: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • language: English

Polish Cookbook, The Best of Polish Cooking


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