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The classic Polish Eagle. So cool looking it's tattooed on many a Poles back, arms, legs etc. And why not? Let's face it, as far as national emblems go, Poland has got a great one! Although we have heard it called everything from a Polish falcon to a Polish fighting war chicken (yes, someone really called it that) it is actually an eagle. But not just any eagle, it is the one and only Polish Eagle complete with stars and a crown. Some may ask why a crown? Well, that's a very good question with a very important answer, since there are times when you may see the Polish Eagle without a crown it is important to remember why. The Polish Eagle was without a crown from 1945-1989 during the time Poland was taken over by communism. Once Poland became a free democratic country the crown was proudly restored upon the Polish Eagles' head as a sign of independence. --History lesson over, let's talk about our Polish shirt! After all, it is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to share in the honor of Poland.       


  • Printed in the USA on a quality 60/40 blend red or black short sleeve t-shirt.
  • Fitted Silhouette

Polish T-Shirt, Ladies V-Neck, Red or Black