This beautiful satin glass ornament tells the story of the Christmas customs of Poland. It reads…

CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS OF POLAND The star of Bethlehem is the most popular Christmas symbol. Christmas is known as Gwiadza or “Little Star.” The first star in the Christmas eve sky signals the end of a day-long fast of Wigilia, and celebrations begin. Before the Christmas Eve meal is served, the head of the house distributes an oplatki (peace water) symbolizing friendship and peace. A straw strewn place setting is reserved for the humble Christ. Decorations include an elaborate creche and chionka (christmas tree) decorated with straw stars, fruits, nuts, cookies and intricately painted eggs. Often young men carry a lighted star on a pole en route to Pasterka (Shepherds Mass) at midnight Christmas Eve.

Wesolych Swiat Rooster Polish Ornament

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